Is Rihanna Coming Out With An Accessories Line?


At this point, I just need to have my paycheck deposited into the #Fenty vault because sis, take it all! I know y’all are waiting for some #FentyMusic, but it looks as though #Rihanna wants Fenty errrthanggg first!

Rih was spotted out last night rocking some “Fenty” sunglasses, as they were written on the side. In addition to that, I happened to find more potential #Fenty “goods and services” that may come to fruition in the near future. As you can see from the screenshot above, #Fenty may seemingly be coming out with accessories such as eyeglass frames, sunglasses, mobile accessories, computer accessories and more. 

There’s no confirmation on whether or not this list of “goods and services” is an official #Fenty list, but sis is already rocking the said sunglasses that are listed, so we’ll definitely keep y’all posted on this tea!

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TSR STAFF: Thembi! @ThembiTV_

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