Lil Pump Detained In Denmark For Taunting The Police, Forcing Him To Cancel His Show


Lil Pump found himself getting detained in Denmark after he was seen taunting the police on camera. All of which led to his show in Finland getting canceled.

According to TMZ, sources close to the rapper revealed that police detained him and members of his crew on Tuesday for an “unknown reason.” The site reveals that they were told someone in his group was holding on to something illegal.

As Lil Pump and his crew were being taken to the police station, he hopped on Instagram live where he can be seen flipping off the officers. Police found out about it and decided to detain him longer.

This eventually led to his concert in Finland being canceled Tuesday night. Live Nation listed the show canceled due to “unexpected events.”

Sources revealed to the site he hasn’t been hit any criminal charges so far and is expected to be released with the next 24 hours.

As we previously reported, he was arrested in Miami back in August for driving without a valid license.


Check out the clips below:



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