#TSRUpdatez: Newly Elected D.A. In Dallas Says He’s Ready To Charge Officer Who Fatally Shot Botham Jean With Murder


The district attorney who was just elected in #Dallas these midterm elections has announced plans to seek justice for #BothamJean’s family.

#JohnCreuzot, who is a retired judge, ran his campaign promising focus on the “real justice reform,” according to @TheGrio, which includes taking a deeper look at case of Botham Jean, the man who was fatally shot in his Dallas apartment by then Dallas police officer #AmberGuyger. He defeated his opponent, current DA Faith Johnson, who was criticized for her decision to only charge Guyger with manslaughter.

“I don’t know any police reports. I don’t know any forensic reports, but based on what I have seen, manslaughter is an inappropriate charge, based on the circumstances as I understand them,” Creuzot said. “Once I get in there and I get everything in front of me and it appears the most appropriate charge is murder, then that’s the charge we will go forward with.”

Critics of the case found it hard to believe Guyger’s claim that she mistook Botham’s apartment for her own and fatally shot him believing that he was an intruder. Although she was eventually fired from the Dallas Police Department following an investigation, Johnson’s decision to only charge her with manslaughter was perceived as a miscarriage of justice.

That may be why Creuzot was able to defeat Johnson so overwhelmingly on election day

Creuzot also pointed out the actions of his Republican incumbent in the Jean case doesn’t just feel morally wrong, they also deviate from Dallas County precedent, with murder being the only charge that makes sense in the case.

“I think I’m going to join everybody else in praying that we don’t have any more police shootings. That’s the first step. That’s not on us. That’s on the police,” Creuzot said.

Creuzot will be slated to be sworn into the new position on New Year’s Day.

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